Nepal is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country. There are Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Kiratis, Sikhs etc who live in complete harmony and intercultural friendships. Each ethnic community has their unique cultural standards and festivals they follow and observe. Nepal is occupied with these colorful festivals throughout the year.

Perhaps the best thing about Nepal is that the people here jubilantly celebrate and take part in cross cultural festivals regardless of the sect or religion one belongs to. For instance, you can see Hindus getting involved in Buddhist festivals and Muslim in Hindus’ celebration.

Ever since Nepal became a secular Federal Democratic Republic, there is a sense of appreciation, acknowledgement and ownership of each others rich culture and heritage.

Our Nepal festival trips will allow you a unique window to observe, celebrate and be part of these lively festivals and understand local culture. Come be a part of Nepal’s cultural and religious festivals.

The Festival tours/treks are popular these days as people around the world want to see the people’s way of life, celebrations, traditions, culture and these cultural heritages are the main attraction of tourism of Nepal.

Festival tours with some natural heritages like safari, river rafting and trekking is the best way to know Nepal So, we invite you to plan your Nepal holidays in festival times that make your holiday better.

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